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  2. blue exorcist
  3. dcu
  4. hello project
  5. ive
  6. kamen rider gotchard
  7. keyakizaka46
  8. legend of korra
  9. nmixx
  10. snh48
  11. steven universe
  12. twice
  13. yellowjackets


love fool
yamauchi mizuki/honda hitomi, 1813 words
She should be better than this.

oguri yui/yahagi moeka, 727 words

yamauchi mizuki/honda hitomi, 2110 words
Mizuki decides that she’s no better than the fans at times, when it comes to the girl behind the idol.

there's a person i can't see, for the sake of my present self
oguri yui/yahagi moeka, ~1200 words
Yui was always sure of two aspects of herself: her ability to read people, and her inability to stop herself from chasing the unattainable.

since then, at that time
oguri yui/yahagi moeka, ~2000 words
The sky was bright, the ground was hard, and Yui had no clue who she hit.

blue exorcist

no one here wants to fight me like you do
okumura yukio/shima renzou, 3221 words
His hair is greasy; he hasn’t changed out of his pajamas in three days. There’s dirty dishes haphazardly stacked up in the kitchen sink and empty chip bags and open tupperwares are scattered about the living room.

He blinks. Shima is still there.

He did not want this.

thrill, isn't it
okumura yukio & toudou saburouta, 1361 words
Fight fire with fire.

eaten by demons
okumura yukio/shima renzou, 1981 words
Living the stage, living a lie.

and if maybe you decide to stay
kamiki izumo/moriyama shiemi, 1077 words
Moriyama and Izumo, somewhere in between time.

okumura yukio & shima renzou, 3921 words
"'You ever think about how you could be a serial killer if you really wanted to?'


okumura yukio & shima renzou, ~300 words
"They should've seen you - I'm sure they would've been proud now,"

usagi-chan syndrome
okumura yukio/shima renzou, ~1500 words
Renzou is determined to annoy Yukio into feeling something. He just knows it.

in theory
okumura yukio/shima renzou, ~1000 words
His hands shook, but he couldn’t tell why.


until you awake from the dream
raven, 906 words

warm enough outside, inside me
cass cain/brenda miller, 1,623 words
Brenda takes Cass places.

raven/tara markov, 1,132 words
Tara and Raven both have wishes.

cool with you
cass cain/rose wilson, 1,415 words
She slips on her own terms.

home with you
raven/tara markov, 17,577 words, two chapters
In a nebulous world where Raven lives under her father's care, Tara is planted to be her handmaiden.

only one thing for me left to lose
rose wilson, 2,826 words
The real first thing she remembers, lucidly, is coming to in a hospital bed, IV in her arm, a nasal cannula uncomfortably settled on her face, and the tight feeling of crusted, dry blood all over her face.

waves crashing
raven, 966 words
Raven takes the bus.

your screaming and thrashing
rose wilson, 133 words
Rose fantasizes.

raven/tara markov, 946 words
You never escape who you really are.

heart burn
donna troy/koriand'r, 238 words
Under the sunlight, the bright sky, her touch and all its warmth.

memory and honesty
cassie sandsmark/rose wilson, 247 words
Rose and her vise grip touches.

not the sun
cassie sandsmark/rose wilson, 1,693 words
None of her business.

barbara & cass, 1677 words
Barbara and Cass, after the fight with Shiva in Batgirl #25.

future smile
raven, 1171 words
Raven walks, gets rained on, and looks at toy ponies. It's maybe not what Koriand'r meant when she suggested Raven go on a walk, but it is what it is.

wherever you go
cassandra cain/stephanie brown, 1498 words
She wonders, she wonders, then she wonders about Cass.

tara markov/raven, 544 words
numbest of the numb

ride on the wind
cassandra cain/stephanie brown, 1576 words
Fire escapes and stabby straws.

between past and present tense
cassandra cain & jason todd, 1481 words
They're both stuck in the past, but Jason figures she's probably worse off at this moment than he usually is on the regular.

hello project

the river flow
ikuta erina, 563 words
So this is it, then / you're here to win, friend.


pink and black and blue
an yujin & jang wonyoung, 1215 words
Wonyoung versus herself (and Yujin).

kamen rider gotchard

lachesis & rinne, 1,187 words
For now, though, as she has to keep reminding herself, she is who she is in the present, and she can only change if she works towards it.

run run blood
rinne, 561 words
Kudo Rinne was raised by her father.

virgin suicide
rinne, 926 words
It really began, she thinks, when she first laid eyes on the brutish one, the one who fights with her body, throws herself into the action and uses her limbs like a true extension of herself, fluid as water, brutal as a kick to the gut.

sirius, vega, altair, tico
abyssalis sisters, 424 words
Lachesis has her doubts.


nobody's fault
hirate yurina, 1,176 words
At twenty-two, with her cat, the underside of her hair bleached blonde for her current drama, Hirate Yurina holds her cat closer to herself, relaxes her grip on the television remote, and lets the next Sakurazaka46 video play.

legend of korra

choking on each other
kuvira/korra, 1,306 words
If Korra knew better, she wouldn't flinch at the sight.

half free
korra, 548 words
Korra ponders rebirth.

blind and unwise
asami, 991 words
At nineteen years old, the memory of her father disgusts her.

kuvira/korra, 1,552 words
Her pride hasn't died yet, she knows; she clings to it every moment in these visits from the Avatar. But a part of it died the moment she and Korra burst into the Spirit World, and she hasn't tried to reach for it, not until she's out and on the stand, defending herself for the good she knows she did during her time as the Uniter.

converging halves of a broken fate
kuvira/korra, 2,264 words
"You know nothing about me, Avatar."


as far as the eye can see
lily morrow, 461 words
Lily and her voice and the stage.


live through this
shen mengyao, ~400 words
It's funny, she thinks, that this is what she feels might push her over.

steven universe

steven universe, ~400 words
It all comes down to lost composure.


count the time
im nayeon/myoui mina, ~400 words
Mina isn’t actually opposed to the spotlight.


look the hyena in the face that is her smile
shauna shipman/lottie matthews, shauna & jackie taylor, 3,043 words
"Such a woman is the infected carrier of the past: before her the structure of our head and jaws ache—we feel that we could eat her, she who is eaten death returning, for only then do we put our face close to the blood on the lips of our forefathers." — Nightwood, Djuna Barnes.

naked and pure with intention to clench you
shauna shipman/natalie scatorccio, 1,118 words
"You’re gonna have to look me in the eye," Natalie had said, then, and Shauna wavered. Now, she is determined.